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Startek P/L is the Australian agent for PC|SCHEMATIC products from Denmark.

 New Version 15
PC|SCHEMATIC AUTOMATION is electrical CAD software for documentation of key and power control circuit diagrams, switchboard drawings, PLC circuits, electrical installations, EIB and IHC installations, plus documentation of burglary and fire installations - with automatic update of tables of contents, components lists, parts lists and any other type of lists. Detailed product information can be found on the UK distributor's web site.

The diagram below endeavours to show what is produced by AUTOMATION.

The Quick Start manual gives you a preamble to working with the Automation software from PC|SCHEMATIC. It provides a speedy introduction to:

  • The contents of Automation projects.
  • Inserting new project pages.
  • Drawing diagrams.
  • Useful program short-cuts ... and much more.

The tutorials Motor Control and House Installation provide a task based insight into PC|SCHEMATIC AUTOMATION and what it can do for you.

If you need more detailed information, please refer to the main Automation manual also included with the Trial Version download. Note: The trial version is known as AUTOMATION 40 because it is limited to 40 symbols per project.

All prices are in Australian Dollars as at 20th January 2014 and include GST. Yearly subscription includes telephone/email from Denmark and one yearly upgrade.

Click here to purchase or request a firm quote.

Product version Price/Licence Yearly Sub Description/comments
Flex 150 $1,676 $586 Project is limited to 150 symbols
Flex 350 $2,533 $893 Project is limited to 350 symbols (Most popular option)
Standalone $5,012 $1,394 Unlimited project size
Floating $5,878 $1,639 Like Standalone but uses internet licence key making it practical where users are located geographically apart.
Upgrades   $99   All licences can be upgraded for the price difference plus this standard administration fee.
Trial Version Free   Project is limited to 10 pages, 40 symbols & 200 connection points. If you decide to purchase; once you receive the dongle or floating licence the trial version will unlock.
Some features of AUTOMATION
  • Complete electrical documentation in one file.
  • Project based with database support for component data. User can select the current database. See more on the database further on in this list of features.
  • Create all the pages for:
    - circuit designs
    - all the components
    - mechanical layouts
    - graphical cable, terminal & connection plans
  • All parts lists are filled out automatically.
  • Can locate all objects in project graphically & by report list.
  • Can locate all symbols - select a symbol and get a list of all occurrences.
  • Comprehensive printing options.
  • Four drawing objects:
    - Lines with line type
    - arcs/circles
    - text
    - symbols
  • Supports layering.
  • Can create your own symbols.
  • Interfaces with AutoCAD:
    - Saves up to R2000 dwg format
    - Imports up to 2007 dwg format
  • Supports OLE. Eg. MS Word, MS Excel or AutoCAD documents can be inserted in Automation pages.
  • A free PC|SCHEMATIC UK Component Database can be downloaded and installed that contains over 35,000 components from 48 worldwide manufacturers. Each record contains article data and electrical/mechanical symbols. The database and symbols have been produced by the manufacturers themselves. This working database can then be used instead of the demo database downloaded with the trial version. There are also Siemens UK & Festo Pneumatics component databases that can be downloaded, installed and selected as the current database.
    Note: Any compatible database can be selected via Settings->Database to suit customer needs.
  • Standalone versions use a USB licence dongle.
  • Has a viewer that can be freely distributed to 3rd parties so they can inspect your projects.
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