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Startek P/L is the Australian agent for PC|SCHEMATIC products from Denmark.

PC|SCHEMATIC Tele is specially designed for documentation and management of telephone and data network installations. Local numbers, terminals, distribution frames, main distribution frames, cables, patching, plugs and who uses which local numbers. The program includes specially designed dialog boxes for entering different types of information and how to connect this data. Detailed product information including additional screen shots can be found on the UK distributor's web site.

  • Management of Telephone and Data Network Installations.
  • Overview the Entire Installation from Desktop.
  • Data Only Updated Once and In One Place.
  • Graphical Representation of the Installation.
  • Continually Updated Reports.
  • Transfer Existing Heritage Data to PC|SCHEMATIC Tele.
  • Automatic Cable Reports.
  • Graphical Display of Patchpanels.

All prices are in Australian Dollars as at 1st January 2011 and include GST. Yearly subscription includes telephone/email from Denmark and one yearly upgrade.

Click here to purchase or request a firm quote.

Product version Price/Licence Yearly Sub Description/comments
Service - Standalone $1,602   TBA View only.
Service - Floating $1,899 TBA View only. Uses internet licence key
500 - Standalone $1,602 TBA Project size is unlimited.
500 - Floating $2,331 TBA Uses internet licence key making it practical where users are located geographically apart.
1000 - Standalone $3,430 TBA Project size is unlimited. Includes advanced features.
1000 - Floating $3,727 TBA Uses internet licence key.
Full - Standalone $4,826 TBA PProject size is unlimited. Includes all features.
Full - Floating $5,131 TBA Uses internet licence key.
Licence key replacement $144   Licensing is by way of a USB dongle for Flex and Standalone versions. Software can be installed on multiple machines and the USB dongle plugged into the machine in use.
Upgrades  $80   All licences can be upgraded for the price difference plus this standard administration fee.
Trial Version Free   Project is limited to 40 symbols & 2 documents/symbol

Features of TELE

Basic Version Features

  • Graphical overview of the entire installation on your PC.
  • Can be used for the design, maintenance and operation.
  • Keeps track of local numbers, benchmarks, distributor boxes, under cross fields, cables, connectors and patch tests.
  • Keeps track of which users are sitting at the local tracks/plug.
  • Create Equipment: Cabinets, distributor boxes, patch panels, cables and clamps.
  • Connect the equipment via the graphical interface.
  • Get quick overview of what equipment is used - vacant lines and connectors.
  • Graphical representation of all connections.
  • Graphical representation of the entire installation process - with links.
  • Assign audit information.

Attach Documents & Comments

  • Attach documents for equipment.
  • Assign comments to equipment.
  • Open the attached documents and comments.


  • Imports of whole rack.
  • All non-graphical reports can be exported to Excel.


  • Graphic scheduled reports.
  • Graphic patchbay reports.
  • Graphic Patch Panel Reports.
  • Graphic cable reports.
  • Extension Reports
  • Amending Reports
  • All reports are interactive
  • You can create/delete connections directly in the reports.
  • You can create graphical route descriptions by double clicking on any item in a report.
  • Reports can be saved in Excel and PDF format.

Multi-User System

  • Additional simultaneous work on the same project.
  • All information resides in one database.
  • All users of the program are constantly updated with the latest changes.
  • Create and edit passwords.
How TELE works

Data Only Updated Once and In One Place

To make the program simple to work with, all telephone/data installation information is placed in a single database. Each piece of information is stored in one place. The program is a multi-user system where different employees can change data for the same installation at the same time. All users are updated with the latest changes instantly throughout.

Graphical Representation of the Installation

PC|SCHEMATIC Tele creates a graphical view of the whole installation at installation level. You can get a complete graphical overview of all the cables and distributor boxes throughout the installation. A top priority of the program is to present all the disparate types of information in as simple a way as possible. The equipment index window (which contains all distribution frames, terminals etc) is presented in a tree-structure.

Connect a cable by dragging it from the cable index window to the first terminal point for connection. The cable and the terminal points are then connected automatically, it's as simple as that!

Displays Route from Main Distribution Frame to Plug

Continually Updated Reports

Reports containing data from the installation are generated directly from the database. The user always gets the latest changes in the reports. The program automatically generates many different reports, such as a route description, which graphically displays the route from the main distribution frame to the individual plugs via. distribution frames, cables and so on. You can generate distribution frame reports, cable reports, patch panel reports, local numbers reports and reports on implemented changes. These reports are generated in a visual format. All reports can be printed or saved as PDF files.

Transfer existing data to TELE

Existing data and documentation contained in Heritage systems (for instance in Microsoft Excel) can be transferred to PC|SCHEMATIC Tele.

Automatic Cable Reports - In the automatically generated cable reports, you can see a graphical display of terminals and cable wires in both ends of the cable. The report can be printed, or generated as a PDF file!

Graphical Display of Patch panels - Information relating to plugs can be entered directly into the Patchpanel window and displayed graphically (the red lines).
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