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Startek P/L is the Australian agent for PC|SCHEMATIC products from Denmark.

PC|SCHEMATIC PowerDistribution is a very easy system to use for creating, documenting and maintaining power installations. The software screens are simple and allow you to either import or create the data that you need. All you need to know is how to move a folder in Windows and you will become familiar with the program in minutes. Detailed product information including additional screen shots can be found on the UK distributor's web site.

  • Register your distribution network instantly - just like moving folders in Windows
  • Move machines easily
  • Attach data to the symbols - whenever necessary
  • Search intelligently all symbols and all types of information
  • Manage loads etc. via imported measurement data
  • Article database including component information
  • Mathematical functions
  • Report generation
  • Exchange data with Microsoft Excel
  • Export registration to PC|SCHEMATIC Automation
  • Attach all relevant documentation to the tree-structure

All prices are in Australian Dollars as at 1st January 2011 and include GST. Yearly subscription includes telephone/email from Denmark and one yearly upgrade.

Click here to purchase or request a firm quote.

Product version Price/Licence Yearly Sub Description/comments
Service - Standalone  $952   TBA View only.
Service - Floating $1,064 TBA View only. Uses internet licence key
Basic - Standalone $1,602 TBA Project size is unlimited.
Basic - Floating $1,802 TBA Uses internet licence key making it practical where users are located geographically apart.
Advanced - Standalone $2,901 TBA Project size is unlimited. Includes advanced features.
Advanced - Floating $3,278 TBA Uses internet licence key.
Licence key replacement $144   Licensing is by way of a USB dongle for Flex and Standalone versions. Software can be installed on multiple machines and the USB dongle plugged into the machine in use.
Upgrades  $80   All licences can be upgraded for the price difference plus this standard administration fee.
Trial Version Free   Project is limited to 40 symbols & 2 documents/symbol


Feature List

  • Quick access to component data
  • View the network in its larger perspective
  • Utilise existing data in multiple applications
  • Retrieve data from database
  • Overview document attachments
  • Reports to Excel and PC|SCHEMATIC Automation

Basic Version Features

  • Symbol palettes with used symbols
  • Design symbol palettes
  • Create project data
  • Create data, calculation and information fields
  • Move, copy and delete functions
  • Mathematical functions
  • Component database
  • Intelligent handling of the reference names (IEC/EN ISO 61346)
  • Create/edit passwords
  • Design check

Overview & Search Functions

  • Glance symbols distribution window
  • Search features - simple and advanced

Attach Documents & Comments

  • Attach documents to components
  • Assign comments to components
  • Open the attached documents and comments

Printing & Import/Export

  • Print projects, data symbol and symbol palettes
  • Print parts lists and component lists
  • Export lists to Microsoft Excel
  • Dynamic import of data

Advanced Version Features

  • Relationship charts
  • Automatic generation of PC|SCHEMATIC Automation projects
  • Automatic level and date alarms
  • Define own level and date alarms
  • Configuring the dynamic import of data
  • Auto definition of data fields when importing data
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